Web Design Trends in 2015

Web design trends have made massive changes throughout the years. It’s not enough to build a fabulous website, but that site needs to change with the times and technology to keep up.  

Keeping up with Society

For one thing, people’s tastes have changed and it’s important for internet marketers to keep up with the images, topics, and colors that are in style in a current year. For example, it became very obvious when the color orange came out from under the rug and took its place as a popular color because it was suddenly found on new, trendy, hot websites. Also, images have changed to reflect changes in society. One good example is the trend toward farm to table images found on many food sites that are a direct result of the huge push for the advancement of local and known food sources. In the past, one may have been more likely to see a picture of only the food itself. Now an image of a family farm may be included with the food item to indicate that the source of the food is known. 

Going Mobile

As technology changes, the way people use technology changes. While people used to look at a computer screen more often than anything else when viewing web pages, the use of tablets and mobile phones has skyrocketed. This has presented a new challenge for website design because a site that looks great on a widescreen computer may lose effectiveness on an Iphone 5s. Not only that, but when the new Iphone 6 came out, the game changed again. It is essential to consider all aspects of website design to make sure that it display properly across all mobile devices and the new devices as they come out. One indication of this trend is the fact that many sites are set up to scroll through information rather than leading people on a path of clicks to navigate the information. This makes it easier for people to get information on their mobile devices. 

Getting Up to Speed

As technology moves forward, it is important to design a website to be fast. In the deep, dark past; people may have been willing to exercise patience as a website loaded. Every year that patience dwindles as people try to look up information in real time while they are shopping or working. A person standing in the middle of the grocery store isn’t going to wait for a page to load because they want to find the coupon deal and move on quickly. As the Edmonton web design firm at Canada West Internet Marketing company states, “Life continues to gain speed and websites need to keep up”. If you can’t keep up to current web design trends, it may be a good idea to use Canada West IM or similar companies to keep you up to date.

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