What is a Perfect Pancake?

When I was growing up, my mom would make pancakes – often, as many times as possible.  Why?  because my father loved them.  He loved them so much that he used to say every single time mom made them for him, “Now that is a perfect pancake.”

It turned into something beyond pancakes though.  It turned into a saying he used for everything he saw, whenever he saw something that he wanted to praise.

A nice car?  A perfect pancake.

A big fish he caught?  Perfect pancake.

His favourite though was whenever he saw roadkill.  “Now THAT is a perfect pancake.”

So I dedicate this site to him.  This site may not be about pancakes, or fish, or cars – in fact its about all things internet marketing and web design.  What you’ll read here is my search for a perfect pancake of ideas for how to use the internet to your best advantage.  So enjoy.  And have a perfect pancake on me.

Simple Guide To Vinyl Signs, Decals And Graphics

Vinyl Sign Supplies for Banners and Signs

It is not unusual to see many people purchasing vinyl cutters and great numbers are already thinking about this too. There is a lot one can achieve with these amazing decoration products. You can literally cover all your windows, doors and walls with fully customized signs, décor and incredible decals. Finding a vinyl cutter should not be a daunting task especially since many shops that sell them exist. However, to decorate your house and spaces with the best vinyl signs will require a little knowledge and insights. Here is a descriptive detail entailing vinyl sign design and graphics including hardware, software and supplies insights.

Hardware requirement

There are two major hardware tools needed to make any type of vinyl sign. The first is a net accessing computer (PC). It is generally recommended that you use a PC that can access the internet mainly because vinyl software available today is found in the cloud (internet). Internet access can be achieved through a broadband or wireless router whichever is more convenient for you. The PC should be powerful with sufficient memory (2GB RAM and 500GB disk space) to run the software. A 2.0GHz and good battery life should be sufficient.

The other requirement is your vinyl cutter. There are different types of cutters to choose from and the options will suite specific needs. The Vinyl Express R-Series for instance is perfect for small graphics that are less than 10 feet tall. Vinyl Express will create longer and thicker images while Vinyl EnduraCut is more suitable for those who want to add small intricate details.

Software requirement

Software is the most important requirement when it comes to making high quality vinyl signs. Whether your interest is in making personalized images as a hobby or for business and commercial uses, the software influences a lot of what you will be able to achieve. The difference between good and great signs and graphics is in the design and the design features are only present in the software. Although you can still use imported software and your own applications like AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW, sometimes the applications can fail to effectively sync and work. When making vinyl signs, the emphasis should be on precision since cutters use vector graphics and point-connected paths to make straight or curved lines. It is important to avoid raster-based software (like the page printer that displays your desktop). These software covert pixels to dots and include Microsoft Paint, Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Photoshop and, PaintShop Pro. However, you can still find platforms that allow conversion of bitmap images (from raster based software) to vector images that are used when designing vinyl signs.


There are a couple of supplies needed to finally end up with a dazzling décor from a designed vinyl sign. Depending upon the amount of supplies necessary, you can save money by ordering wholesale sign supplies. There are a number of wholesale vinyl supply companies that have websites where you can order your material.

The first supply is of course vinyl and there are several types of adhesive-backed vinyl available in the market. Nonetheless, they are broadly divided into calendared, Specialty vinyl and cast vinyl. When a vector object file is sent to the vinyl cutter, it cuts both the vinyl film and adhesive but does not touch the release liner. You then “weed” the vinyl by separating the extra parts before transferring it to your desired substrate. Common substrates include sign banks, banners and glass. To achieve this transfer, you will need to remove the release liner. This is often done using a heat transfer tape (app tape). It basically involves laying the sheet of tape under the vinyl and pressing it with a squeegee to have a pre-masked graphic. For commercial graphics, you can send the pre-masked graphics to the end customer who will then place them on their desired substrates. The last supply needed is application fluid which will be used to activate the vinyl’s adhesive to stick to the substrate. It is highly recommended to use dry fluids although options for wet application fluids also exist.


Designing the best vinyl signs begins with finding high power computer and great design software that can product vector objects. The next step is to design your sign and then find high quality vinyl and cutter. All the materials and supplies used should be carefully chosen. There is a broad range of vinyl used for modern graphics and décor. Their choice will depend on a number of things including size of the graphic, type of substrate and cutter.It is generally advisable to purchase from credible licensed distributors who can guarantee original quality.

Three Ways SEO Can Help Your Business

seo to help your business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks as high as possible in the search results. There are a number of benefits associated with SEO including the following:

1. A high search engine ranking builds instant credibility.

There is a common perception that the sites that are listed at the top of the search results are the most trustworthy. In general, people put a lot of faith in the search engines’ ability to identify the top Las Vegas businesses within a particular industry. If you can get your business into one of these top spots, it gives people the impression that you are an industry leader. This in turn can build instant trust and credibility, making it easier for you to convert visitors into customers or clients.

2. Optimizing your website can dramatically boost traffic.

Before you can make any sales or gain any new clients, people have to be able to find your site. For many businesses, this means spending a fortune on advertising to try to get the word out about their products or services. Unfortunately, with this marketing model, as soon as you stop spending money on ads, your traffic dries up.

A better option is to optimize your website for the search engines to get it listed as high as possible in the search results. Although search engine optimization requires an initial investment, the money you spend optimizing your site can continue to pay off for years to come.

3. Search engine optimization helps you connect with highly targeted visitors.

The main goal of the search engines is to provide people with sites that are a perfect match for the keywords and phrases that they are searching for. What this means for you as a business owner is that the people who find your website through the search results are most likely looking for the exact products and services that you provide. For example, if you live in Las Vegas and you are looking for “Las Vegas SEO“, wouldn’t this mean that you are looking for someone who provides search engine optimization there? Getting such highly targeted traffic is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish through other traffic generation methods.

Success on the Internet starts with building a high quality website that provides your customers with the products or information that they need. Once your site is in place, your focus should shift to driving as much targeted traffic as possible to your page. One of the most effective ways to do this is through search engine optimization. When done properly, SEO can help solidify your online reputation, boost your web traffic and connect you with highly targeted visitors. This in turn can help you grow your Las Vegas business, improving your bottom line as a result.

Web Design Trends in 2015

Web design trends have made massive changes throughout the years. It’s not enough to build a fabulous website, but that site needs to change with the times and technology to keep up.  

Keeping up with Society

For one thing, people’s tastes have changed and it’s important for internet marketers to keep up with the images, topics, and colors that are in style in a current year. For example, it became very obvious when the color orange came out from under the rug and took its place as a popular color because it was suddenly found on new, trendy, hot websites. Also, images have changed to reflect changes in society. One good example is the trend toward farm to table images found on many food sites that are a direct result of the huge push for the advancement of local and known food sources. In the past, one may have been more likely to see a picture of only the food itself. Now an image of a family farm may be included with the food item to indicate that the source of the food is known. 

Going Mobile

As technology changes, the way people use technology changes. While people used to look at a computer screen more often than anything else when viewing web pages, the use of tablets and mobile phones has skyrocketed. This has presented a new challenge for website design because a site that looks great on a widescreen computer may lose effectiveness on an Iphone 5s. Not only that, but when the new Iphone 6 came out, the game changed again. It is essential to consider all aspects of website design to make sure that it display properly across all mobile devices and the new devices as they come out. One indication of this trend is the fact that many sites are set up to scroll through information rather than leading people on a path of clicks to navigate the information. This makes it easier for people to get information on their mobile devices. 

Getting Up to Speed

As technology moves forward, it is important to design a website to be fast. In the deep, dark past; people may have been willing to exercise patience as a website loaded. Every year that patience dwindles as people try to look up information in real time while they are shopping or working. A person standing in the middle of the grocery store isn’t going to wait for a page to load because they want to find the coupon deal and move on quickly. As the Edmonton web design firm at Canada West Internet Marketing company states, “Life continues to gain speed and websites need to keep up”. If you can’t keep up to current web design trends, it may be a good idea to use Canada West IM or similar companies to keep you up to date.

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Important SEO Tips For 2015


SEO has dramatically changed in the last couple of years. In 2015, most SEO experts are now greatly concerned about changes which are occurring, but there is really no need for dread if you get to learn exactly how to create an efficient and sustainable SEO plan. Here are some of the most important SEO Tips for 2015:

Create Quality Content

Search engines like Google detect well written content and can also detect the unoriginal or poorly written content. If you want success, you should work hard to create high quality content. Google basically rewards websites which offer consistent top notch content and these rewards come with more traffic, more revenue and more business. So you need to strive for high quality content over quantity. One of the main reasons you created a blog or website, is to offer quality content in order to build a loyal audience, keep the existing visitors happy and gain new readers.

Link To Sites Which Have Relevant Content

This is probably the most basic strategy used for SEO (that is, integrating links into your website.) It’s one of the easiest ways of boosting traffic. The last 5 years have brought dramatic changes in how links get shared over the web, and between websites. Links are extremely important to search engine optimization campaigns, however in 2015, the best way of benefiting from links is by obtaining them organically. In case you’re unsure of how to obtain an organic link, the answer is quite simple, just write engaging, high quality content that’s shared with those who are genuinely interested, and they’ll willingly ask to link to your website. You can make it a routine task to backlink to your archives whenever you create new content.

Backlinks are among the most important factors that affect the rankings of any website in the search engines. The higher the amount of quality backlinks you have, the higher your site’s credibility. So if you wish to achieve a much higher search engine ranking, then you need to invest more time in increasing the site’s backlinks. You can also increase the backlinks by engaging in article submissions, guest posting, blog commenting, social media promotion and directory submission.

Fix Dead and Broken Links

Always check your site for dead or broken links. In case there are a lot of broken links present on your site, then it’s bad for SEO and also for your site since it’ll hurt both your readers and your search engine ranking. According to Hurricane Web Design in Las Vegas “The search engines wont be able to effectively index your site if they can’t get through the links, and the readers wont be able to view or find the content they want to read on your site.” If you’re using WordPress, you may use the “Broken Link Checker” WordPress Plugin which checks your website(s) for broken/dead links.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Phones

Cell phones are now an integral part of the society. More and more people are now surfing the web via their Smartphones and Tablets. So it’s necessary for you to have a clearly defined Mobile marketing/advertising strategy in place. You should optimize your website(s) for mobile phone users so that the users can find it more convenient to check out your site much more often. However, you need to be very careful since any kind of configuration error might result in a loss of traffic.